Running vs. Cycling


Dongen - March 10, 2020

It feels a bit like comparing apples to pears. Running vs cycling. I can't make a choice between these two sports at all. Cycling my old love, of which I have so many fond memories.  Running my new love. To which I have become, what I never thought, addicted. 

It was my father who infected me with the cycling virus in my youth. He was a fanatic competitive cyclist and he arranged my first real racing bike for me. Together we made our first trip, which I still remember well. We were both proud, me because I cycled 20 km per hour and my father because we shared his passion. 
From just cycling, training became more serious as I got older. I joined a cycling club, got a new bike and started racing at home and abroad. I look back on this time with beautiful and valuable memories. Of course, there were also less beautiful moments. Cycling is and remains a dangerous sport, and I too have had to admire the asphalt up close on several occasions. Three times a broken collarbone (yes I am a real cyclist), bruised body parts, a concussion and several abrasions, did not make my love for the sport disappeared. Still, a few years ago, cycling came to a screeching halt. I moved in together, worked 40 hours and had two beautiful children. I couldn't bring myself to train as much and therefore I didn't reach the level I wanted anymore. For me it was all or nothing and so I finally hung up my bike on the willows.

If there is anything I have always said is really not for me, it is running. I had tried several times, but not very successfully. It was Crissy, my colleague, who persuaded me to give it another try. She was training for the marathon and how nice it would be if I could run with her during the marathon. The beginning was difficult, I was too heavy (my pregnancy pounds were stuck), I did not sport at all anymore (had no condition at all) and at that time I was not comfortable in my own skin. Our youngest son (now five years old) was a crying baby and I hardly slept. I didn't really have any energy to exercise. Yet I persevered, something I am still very grateful for today. Soon the running went better and I ran five kilometers in one go. Quite a victory, I could do it after all. I became fitter, my condition came back and I felt good again. Slowly I built up my mileage, I enjoyed longer and longer runs and last year in April I ran my first marathon #enjoythedistance.

Running vs. cycling:
Due to my injuries last summer, I found my love for cycling all over again. The laps I made became longer and the pace went up again. I could enjoy the tours on my bike just as much as I used to. Still, when my injury went better, I wanted to slowly pick up running again. During this period I found out that practicing both sports is the ideal combination for me. After a tough training session it is wonderful to do a lap on the flexibility bike, so my muscles can recover and I can charge myself again for the next training session.  Also, if I feel a little pain, I'm more likely to take my bike. I'm not much of a sitter, so the road bike is a great alternative.

As you can understand, I can't and don't want to choose between running and cycling at all. I have a weakness for both sports and in the coming months there are both fun running and cycling events on the schedule. As a proud ambassador of Rogelli I am of course very lucky. For both sports they have a great new summer line with fun colors and designs. To be able to show it off is of course a privilege and this makes me even more motivated.

Are you curious about this beautiful collection or about how I train towards my new challenges, keep an eye on my Instagram (@Hanneke_runs). This is where I like to keep you up to date.