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There's no getting away from it, the Corona virus has us in its grip. But don't worry, we'll give you a push in the right direction. We've been hearing for months that we need to stay indoors. During the winter months, of course, that's not a difficult task, but this doesn't get the bike off the ground anymore. A pity if you ask us. There is a very easy and fun way to train your muscles without taking one step outside.

Let's start at the beginning. During cycling, different muscle groups are put to work. Now you may be wondering which muscle groups are used during cycling. The first muscle group is the glutes, followed by the hamstrings. In addition, the calves, shin muscles and quadriceps are also put to work. We have all experienced muscle acidification during cycling. No fun we can say! But, did you know that you can strengthen your muscles with a few simple exercises? Strengthening your muscles reduces injuries and can improve performance. Handy! 

To help you, we will go through the muscle groups and explain appropriate exercises. All you need is a mat or soft surface and a good mood. 

Glutes – Glute Bridge 
The Glute Bridge is a popular exercise and very effective for growing glutes. Lie on your back and place your hands next to your body. Note that the further you place your hands next to your body, the larger the support surface and the easier it will be to perform the exercise. Place your feet on the floor and come up while tightening your glutes and repeat this movement. And that’s it! 

Hamstrings – Walking Lunge  
The Walking Lunge is naturally a movement you make; you step forward and bend through your knees. However, it is important to perform the exercise properly to avoid injury. Make sure your knee never comes over the toes of your feet and the knee of your back leg just barely touches the ground to keep the tension on your upper leg. Repeat the exercise with one leg first and then switch to the other leg. Simple as that! 

Calf muscles – Single Leg Hop
The Single Leg Hop is a real killer for the calf muscles. Stand on one leg and jump from side to side. You can use an aid by placing an object on the ground and jumping over it. Then alternate to the other leg and repeat the exercise. Let’s burn baby! 

Shin muscles – Heel Step Down
Perhaps one of the simplest exercises to perform, the Heel Step Down. Stand up straight without leaning and place your feet about shoulder width apart. Take one step forward, only on the heel of the foot, keeping your toes in the air. Then place your foot back in the starting position. Repeat this exercise, then switch legs. Let’s go! 

Quadriceps – Squat
In addition to the quadriceps being good for the upper legs, you are also training your core and back muscles at the same time. Place your feet parallel (or toes slightly out) at about shoulder width. Push your knees forward in line with your feet and sink your buttocks down without rounding the back. Sink as deep as you can, but make sure your knees don't go past your toes. Come up, exhale thoroughly and repeat the exercise. Get it on!   

A little tip from us to you: decide for yourself what feels fine. Experiment with how many repetitions you want to do and or can do. Look up extra information about certain exercises when you think you need it. Arrange your training exactly the way you want it, because only in that way you will be able to get everything out of it. But don't forget, keep enjoying!