How can I order from Rogelli Sportswear?

Can I also buy the webshop items in the store?


What payment methods can I use?

What should I do if I get an error message on my payment?


When can I expect my order?

Can I track my order?

When do I have to pay shipping costs?

Washing instructions

How often should I wash sports clothing?

Why no fabric softener for sportswear?

How can I best wash my sports clothing?

Cycling clothing

What cycling clothing do I need?

What size of cycling clothing do I need?

What is the difference between the three fits Comfort, Race, and Pro?

Cycling clothing & temperature

How do I put on a shoe cover?

What clothing layers do I need for cycling in cold weather?

What are the benefits of wearing an undershirt while cycling?

What is the best material for an undershirt for cycling clothing?

What type of cycling clothing is suitable for different temperatures?

What cycling clothing for 10 degrees Celsius?

At what temperature do I need gloves?

What clothing for cycling in the rain?

At what temperature do I need shorts when cycling?

Running Clothing

Which running attire for which temperature?

What type of pants do I need for running?

What do you wear for running in the winter?


Can I fold and take a rain jacket with me?

What is the difference between a rain jacket and a windbreaker?

How do I choose the best rain jacket?