Get fit in spring

It's time to get off the couch and give our motivation a major boost. It's time to get fit in spring. We all have experienced it, pants that are too tight or a dress that doesn't fit anymore, especially in the summer months. Oh, no!  We all want to feel good in our bodies, but the only one who can change this is you. No worries, as Rogelli we provide the best support. But, this time we are not alone. Together with Rick Ottema, Dutch cyclist at Metec, we give you a handful of great tips on nutrition, health and motivation. Getting fit in spring will be a piece of cake!

To see all the avid athletes getting fit again in spring, we've shared helpful tips on our Instagram account @rogellisportswear, so you can get back on track. Did you miss our tips? Rogelli to the rescue. Just for you, here are all our tips in one place. 

Something we probably don't need to tell you anymore, but oh so important. Nutrition. Don't be afraid that you have to follow a strict diet to get fit or that you have to starve yourself to see results. It's all about finding a balance. A balanced diet has enormous effects on your resistance and condition. Something that is extremely important to build up as an athlete. To find a good balance, varied food is your best friend. Now, you're probably wondering: what is a varied diet? Eating a varied diet means combining different foods to increase the absorption of nutrients. A good combination of carbohydrates, fats and proteins plays a major role in this. Always try to supplement your carbohydrates, fats and proteins when you feel it is necessary. Especially after a good sports session it is important to eat a rich meal within one to two hours. A meal rich in protein contributes to faster and better muscle recovery. Also, products like oatmeal and nuts fit perfectly in a sporty diet. And for the enthusiastic athletes among us, try some more dishes from Asian cuisine!


Sport and exercise is good for human health. It ensures a better condition, more muscle power, a healthy lifestyle and fewer ailments. That sounds like music to our ears! Small changes in your current lifestyle can already have a major contribution to your health. Fruit is a good example. Fruit is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The ideal is to eat two different kinds of fruit a day, so you get all the nutrients you need. In addition, try to replenish your fluids throughout the day. Preferably with water, but tea, coffee or dairy products are also fine! When you're going to exercise, fluid intake is even more important. Make sure you drink at least half a liter of water before you go out and preferably something every 15 minutes during your sports session. This will prevent dehydration, fatigue and cramps. Is your diet already in tip-top shape? Sports do not only have a positive influence on your physical health, but also on your mental health. Sport is relaxation. You can fully focus on the sport and clear your head. Two birds with one stone! 

Motivation is a very important factor when it comes to sports. Motivation ensures that you start your sports session with full energy. When a new season starts, starting up can often take a little longer. Don't you worry! Giving your motivation a boost is a snap. Working out together is a lot of fun and has a great motivating effect! You can inspire each other to persevere when you don't feel like it anymore. Call a good friend or knock on the neighbor's door. Need more of a challenge? Try a new sport if you feel you are not getting enough satisfaction from your current sport. Or pick up an old sport that you've enjoyed for years. A sport that you enjoy will last you longer! Does cycling, running or tennis give you the creeps? Don't let it get to you! Yoga, inline skating, Pilates and walking are also very good for your body. 


Now that you're up to speed on all of our FIT VIBES tips, it's time to call in Rick Ottema. We wouldn't be Rogelli if we didn't share some cycling tips! Rick Ottema knows better than anyone how to prepare for a new season. Before the season can begin, it is important to have a good plan, so you can start the new season FIT VIBES. What is needed for that? Keep reading and find out!

To get the season off to a good start, you need to be motivated and willing to put a lot of time back into cycling. For some, this is tough at first, but you'll soon find that once you get the hang of it, it comes naturally again! Having trouble motivating yourself? Then start with easy rides with a group of friends or pick your favorite route!

Before you begin your preparation, it is wise to set a goal for the coming period. You decide, of course, how long you make a period. Try to keep these goals small at first and then build on them. You can personalize your goal completely. This may be a trip of 75 or 100 kilometers or lose a few pounds. It's all up to you. 

Try to achieve your goals! Turn your goal into a competition and challenge yourself. Plan your monster tour or try to lose those extra pounds.

Have you had a new bike on your wish list for ages, or can't wait to ride in a new set of clothes? Reward yourself at the end of a period with a new purchase. This is the best way to reward yourself and give yourself something to look forward to!

When you have put together your ideal plan, it's time for the real thing. We don't have to tell you that cycling in a group is a lot of fun! Do you often cycle alone? The solution is closer than you think. Join an association or cycling group. You can ask your mates which cycling club they are in or check out the website of the KNWU! Below you can read a few more things that are important for cycling in a group.


Cycling in a group is very different from riding alone. When you are cycling in a group and have to cross a road, for example, you have to decide not only for yourself whether you can cross safely, but also the riders behind you. During the bike ride, make use of some warning signals when an oncoming car is approaching or when there's a car on your own side of the road. Warn your fellow runners at all times. This way you get home safely as a group!

Spare tires and proper maintenance of your equipment
Make sure you always have a spare tire, pump or cartridge with you. There is nothing more annoying than getting a flat tire. Always check that you do not have a worn tire or a skipped cassette. You do not only have yourself to blame when your equipment breaks down, but also your fellow cyclists.


Find a nice cycling group where some of your friends cycle, or make new friends. In good company, time will fly by, and you'll reach your set goals much easier!

Out together, home together
It may sound cliché, but it is very important in a group ride. In a training ride, it's not about who rides the hardest in the lead, but who is the most collegial. For example, always try to position the lesser riders in the middle of the group where they can ride the easiest. Is the wind coming from the side? Then make sure everyone behind you is out of the wind. Together for each other!

While cycling in groups, you often forget to eat. Therefore, always take enough food with you. Think of easily packaged food: gingerbread, syrup wafer in a bag or a banana. Try to eat at least once every hour!


You have arrived at the final step. We're putting the finishing touches on training and execution. There are now companies and apps on the market where you can plan, complete and analyze your own workouts. Think of Strava, TrainingPeaks or Garmin Connect. But, did you know that there is a difference in how you organize your workouts? You can divide your workouts by interval or duration. Here are the latest tips to get the new season off to a flying start!

Interval training
By regularly performing heavy intensive workouts, you can give your fitness a huge boost. However, these are often very heavy workouts outside your comfort zone. These are not the most enjoyable workouts, and therefore it is very important to perform these workouts only a few times a week. You can fill in an interval training completely according to your wishes. Do you want to get better at sprinting? Then try to cycle very quietly between these sprints so that you can bang on every one of them. Would you rather time trial? Then try to cycle above your pain threshold as much as possible and carry out the intervals several times in a row with limited recovery. Your body will quickly adapt, and you will make a lot of progress in a shorter period of time.

Endurance training
Spending many hours in the saddle, an important part for all athletes. These workouts are the most often performed. When you go out on your own you can fully focus on your average speed. When you go out in a group you can focus more on your endurance. Be careful that an endurance training doesn't have to become a race, or you forget your nutrition. This will reduce your recovery and other goals.  

There's only one thing left to say: you're absolutely ready for the coming season. Getting fit in the spring is not something you do alone, but together with us! Are you ready for it?