At Rogelli, we believe in the quality of our products. We make every effort to ship your sportswear in perfect condition. It may happen that the products are not delivered as desired. No worries, here you can read all about the warranty of your product.

Legal warranty
With the legal warranty, you are always entitled to a good product. This means that the product must meet your expectations. The product may not show any defects. If the product does not meet your expectations or there is a defect, you have the right to a free repair or replacement.

If the product has been used normally or if there is regular user wear the above does not apply.

If you are not satisfied with the purchased product there is always the possibility to return the product. You can read more about that on the Returns page. 

How to claim warranty
You can claim warranty if the defect is due to a material or construction fault. In consultation with the manufacturer we will repair or replace the defective product. Damage due to improper use is not covered by the warranty.

If the purchase becomes defective within two years of receipt, then you are eligible for the warranty scheme, where the item may be exchanged or the purchase cancelled. 

Apply for warranty
Have you purchased a Rogelli product with a defect? That's a pity, but we are happy to help you! Please contact us at: customerservice@rogelli.com and together we will come to an appropriate solution.

Before contacting us, it is important to take the following steps and attach them:

  1. A valid purchase receipt or confirmation of your order
  2. A description of the production error
  3. Pictures of the product with visible production error