Rogelli. Enjoy the distance.



Let go of everything, get changed and go. This moment starts with you. You are the one that gets on that bike or ties the laces. For yourself. For the moment. For friendship. For the love of the sport.

Enjoy every mile. Every bump in the road or pebble in the path. All the beautiful distances we cover together. The comfortable moments, but also the moments of setback and going to extremes. The sound along the way, the smells of the seasons and the moments of success. Wherever you go and whatever that success may be.

We believe in the magic of the distance. The rhythm of the ride. The anticipation of the next round looking back on the previous run. We enjoy the big and small moments. We enjoy together. 


Rogelli Sportswear was founded in 1974 in North Brabant, the heart of the Dutch cycling world. Rogelli has years of success. In 1992 Rini Wagtmans takes over the brand Rogelli and it becomes part of GOWA Sportswear B.V. Wagtmans is one of the Dutch who in the Tour de France cycled in the famous yellow jersey. After he stopped cycling he wanted to improve the clothing. He went on a trip to Italy, where he looked for a factory to make comfortable cycling clothes. Under Rini's reign, bicycle clothing was further developed within Rogelli.

For over 50 years we have used this philosophy, vision, experience and expertise to produce functional and above all comfortable clothing for running, cycling, triathlon and training.



Get carried away by the pristine nature of The Lake District, the warm temperatures of Corsica, the high peaks of Austria or the snow in Calgary. As Rogelli, we want to inspire you. Traveling to extraordinarily beautiful areas gives each garment a story with emotion, feeling and character. Brace yourself. Pass on the story. Create individuality. Create your personality. Make your clothes you.