Che bello! Dream of a beautiful ride along the Amalfi Coast


Breathtaking sunrises shimmering the azure waters, a winding coastal route overlooking quaint villages and delicious 'cappuccino di Bufala' in the sunshine. The 'Costiera Amalfitana', as the Italians call it, is a 40-kilometer coastline south of Naples. It is considered one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. And say it yourself, that's where you want to have biked, right? In this blog we will give you five tips for a wonderful bike ride. 

#1 Rise & shine
The most beautiful moments of the day are experienced at sunrise and sunset. The bright orange sun gives the landscape of the Amalfi Coast beautiful colors. So set your alarm in time and start your bike ride right away.

#2 The smell of lemons
Say Italy, and you say limoncello. The village of Maiori is known for its many lemon trees that are used, among other things, for the production of limoncello. The juice of the lemons is also used in many local dishes. 
It takes some time, but if you make an effort you will find "Sentiero di Limoni", or the lime path. This narrow path connects Maiori with the village of Minori and takes you past all kinds of lemon trees. You can absolutely not cycle here, but if you come across the path, it is definitely worth stopping.  

#3 Un cappuccino, per favore 
No bike ride without coffee and a good bottom. After you've got some miles in your legs, stop at one of the many restaurants for a "Cappuccino di Bufala. A delicious creamy cappuccino with milk from the buffalo. Fresh pasta gives you energy to continue.  


#4 Gelato
Is a pasta a bit too much? Along the entire Amalfi Coast you will find delicious lemon ice cream! And what is better than walking with your bare feet in the seawater while enjoying your ice cream? La vita è bella.

#5 Ride in style
To get the real Italian feeling, spot Fiat 500s and Vespa's. But other car enthusiasts can also feast their eyes here while cycling. The coastline has a great attraction for Hollywood stars and their matching cars. 
Everything will be alright
Is traveling not in the cards just yet? Then remember what the Italians say: "Andrà tutto bene". Everything will be alright. And until then, keep an eye on our Instagram page for more reels and photos from la bella Italia.

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